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World leaders worried as Dinanath Batra includes more countries into Akhand Bharat

28, Jul 2014 By Pen10

New Delhi. In a development that is giving World leaders sleepless nights, Dinanath Batra has decided to include more countries in Akhand Bharat. The UN Security Council is said to be closely monitoring the developments. US President Mr. Barrack Obama has cancelled his vacation at Camp David and was returning to the White House at the time of filing this report.

Part of Akhand Bharat?

“After thinking over it I realised that Akhand Bharat can not be limited to the Indian sub-continent,” Mr. Batra told us, “Indian culture has had influence in other parts of the world. All these parts should be included in Akhand Bharat. In the next few days we will identify places where Indians have settled and have influenced the culture and economy of the place.”

On being asked what he plans to do with the added areas Mr. Batra said, “Firstly we will ban cake cutting and candle blowing in all these places. We will make feeding cows, wearing swadeshi clothes and reciting the Gayathri Mantra compulsory. Because this is the only truth and everything else is a lie.”

UN Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki-moon has condemned this attempt. “Any attempts by Mr. Batra to expand Akhand Bharat will be against international laws. No one should take any steps that will be detrimental to world peace.”

A US Department of State spokesperson was quoted to have said, “We are closely observing the situation. And, from what we have observed, we can say that the situation is very dangerous.” On being asked if the US would impose sanctions on Akhand Bharat he said, “We will do whatever is necessary.”

Mr. Batra brushed aside these fears. “All those are lies. When we feed cows and recite the Gayathri Mantra, no sanctions can harm us. Only this is the truth,” he said.

No reaction on this was available from the PMO.