Monday, 19th February, 2018

"We will take in Rohingya Muslims, once we are done killing all Yemeni Muslims" - Saudi Arabia

28, Sep 2017 By manithan

Riyadh: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has shown its grace and its staunch belief in Islamic Brotherhood by extending its open arms to embrace fleeing Rohingya Muslims. But, it comes with a Once clause.

Rohingya Muslims have been fleeing in lakhs from Myanmar ever since clashes escalated in Rakhine region. A few lakhs are being taken into Bangladesh. India is planning to deport illegal Rohingya migrants. So, the entire illiterate, Islamophobic world was demanding the Islamic countries open its borders for Rohingya refugees. While them-Jews and Brahmins were trying to bring a bad name to the brotherhood espousing religion in social media, champion of human rights, Saudi Arabia has once again left those groups gobsmacked.

Speaking exclusively to Faking News, Propaganda Enabling And Communication Executive (PEACE), said, “Saudi Arabia has been the champion of human rights in the entire world. We had invented human rights and had been protecting it for the past 1400 years.” We were distracted by a blogger being dragged to a nearby room and being flogged. “Let us not be distracted by some minor aberrations. Appreciating our respect for human rights, United Nations forced us to take up Human rights commission and to spread our model of Human rights and freedom to the rest of the world.”

“That is why our esteemed King was kind enough to grant asylum to fleeing Rohingya refugees.”, said the PEACE person. Raising his index finger, he continued, “But, it comes with a pre-condition. We do not have space for those fleeing lakhs of Rohingya Muslims in our kingdom. So, we will have to clear space to accommodate them and let them build their homes. That is why we have received orders to exterminate Yemeni Houthis as fast as possible.”

When our brow furrowed at the statement, he guffawed and said, “Them Houthis are Iranian proxies. They are not real Muslims. They are munafiqs.They do not deserve to be part of our Universal Brotherhood. Rohingyas, on the other hand, have an excellent future when they are moved to Yemen. We can use them in ways we want to install democracy across the world.”

Meanwhile, worldwide human rights champions crying out their heart for Rohingyas had said that they had lost their hearing aid when we told them about the sufferings of Houthi Muslims at the hands of Saudi army.