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WhatsApp sues ISIS for plagiarizing their smiley

18, Aug 2014 By manithan

Mountain View, CA: The messaging company WhatsApp has sued the ISIS, for plagiarizing one of their smileys.

In a press release on their website, WhatsApp mentioned, “Our Symbols are our copyright and it can be used only within the WhatsApp mobile app. Even if other organisation or people try to use our smileys, they are bound to indicate us as a source. But, when we saw the photos released by the ISIS on Twitter, we were shocked to see that one of our smiley has been used by them, without our permission. Pertaining to this, we have sued them for 10 Billion dollars, as the same one-finger salute, which is our smiley, has been used by ISIS supporters across the world. This has been offensive and traumatic to our development team.”

Immediately, after the news reached, supporters of ISIS across the world, went into protest, saying that “One-finger salute was contribution of ISIS to the world and no other can claim it as their own. WhatsApp is a Zionist organisation and Israel is funding them to create bankruptcy for ISIS.” When we reminded one of them, that they protested last week with banner that “Israel and Zionists fund ISIS,” they started shouting that “You are a Zionist, trying to confuse and lie to the innocent people here.” To prevent offending them, our Faking News team came back from the spot.

Clockwise from left: An ISIS fighter showing one-finger, Whatsapp (founded by a Jew) having one-finger smiley(indicated by red border) and Obama showing one-finger. This was shown by pro-ISIS protestors as a proof that ISIS is a creation of Israel and US.

ISIS Public Relations officer, Peesf Ul Man said, “Who is that suing is? We will invade America, go to their office, behead them all and share it with others in Whatsapp.”

World leaders started condemning WhatsApp that ISIS has nothing to do with plagiarism and told the messaging company to not terrorise the innocent people with lawsuits. Noble Peace Committee, which had issued Peace Prize to ISIS for the year 2014, commented, “Of course, people with good intentions have to face such lawsuits. It shows that you are moving in the right direction. Attaboys ISIS!”

But the ground report from Human Rights Group in Iraq say otherwise. In their website, they have mentioned that the beheading and massacres have generated more heat in the body of ISIS soldiers. So, they were unable to urinate.

Certain ISIS fighters on anonymity revealed to us that the last time they urinated, that too in their pants, were when they had to deal with the Indian Government while releasing the stranded nurses. After that, they could not pee due to the dehydration. They wanted to convey the message that they want to urinate by showing the index finger(instead of the pinky) in all their photos, so that people could understand it, but no one did.  The report appeals to US and UK to drop diuretics so that the ISIS fighters can pee with ease.