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'What FDI? Americans brought FDI (foreign direct interference) in Pakistan to hunt Osama', harp Pakistanis

05, Nov 2014 By simplydimply

Karachi- Reacting to tonnes of FDI(foreign direct investment) landing on Indian shores Pakistani Government ridiculed it as a case of ‘coming late to the party’.

“What the Fu** is this FDI Trumpet blowing by them. Long ago it was pakistan which received the first cache of FDI foreign direct interference from Americans. Have you forgotten the foreign delta forces that directly landed on our soil to hunt for Osama. FDI is FDI whether it be foreign direct investment or interference. We have beaten them on this FDI issue a long long time ago. They are getting it too late in the day. Period,” Miyan fukruddin (official spokesperson) told reporters.