Wednesday, 25th April, 2018

We will take every milligram of 2014 Nobel Peace Prize: Bil-wall || Bhootdo

13, Oct 2014 By Deb D Barman

“I will take back Nobel Peace Prize, all of it, and I will not leave behind a milligram of it because, like any other Nobel, it belongs to Pakistan,” says Bil-wall || Bhootdo.

Bil-wall || Bhootdo and his stunning intellectual similarity with India’s Major dairy company’s blue eyed infant, created worldwide trending topic once again. Applying the universal theory of possession (developed in Pakistan’s eminent fundamentalist facilitation centre), Bhootdo explained the rationale behind this.

“We people of Pakistan are the only deserving candidate of Nobel peace prize. It took near seven decades of hard work to facilitate the necessary infrastructure. We had created the suitable hostile environment for every woman in country, and only by utilizing our efforts, our dear Malala has secured the Nobel Prize, therefore it only belongs to Pakistan”.

Taking serious cognizance on that matter Pakistan has lodged informal protest to UN today and formal ceasefire protest on J&K border.

Indian army has maintained the usual status quo and retaliated heavily using Twitter account of Bil-wall || Bhootdo’s Indian counterpart.

Our own prime minister has assured everything will be all right, as Nobel Prize will be manufactured soon in India as per “Make in India” initiative. China has already agreed to provide the raw materials and Russia has shared the necessary technical expertise with DRDO.

Nobel Peace Committee has however called an emergency meeting today to revise it’s decision if Nobel Peace prize has created non-peaceful international situation.