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US to rename Madison Square Garden as Modisun Chowk Baag

29, Sep 2014 By Virtually Real

Washington DC/New York. According to sources, US government will be soon passing a bill to rename Madison Square Garden to Modisun Chowk Baag.

US senators who attended Modi’s address at Madison Square, are behind this move, say it will strengthen Indo-US ties to new heights and also allow them to correct some mistakes made in past.

Officials from Obama administration say that by doing this US will correct its mistake of not giving him visa 9 years ago.

X Men fame Hugh Jackman has also welcomed US Govt’s decision. He says that he is very much impressed with the vision and persona of the Indian PM.

X-MEN is impressed with Modi
X-MEN is impressed with Modi

Mr. Jayesh Patel President of Overseas Friends of BJP, US wing quoted it as the biggest recognition of Brand India and became very emotional to witness such history creation.

We couldn’t get much response from political faction but BSP leaders were heard saying that now Modi should construct a statue of BSP Leader Mayawati even bigger than Statue of Liberty.

On a surprising move, AAP leaders and supporters were seen very happy with this step of US government but they denied any credit to Modi. When this correspondent asked the reason behind their happiness, they very happily said that now Arvind got one venue in US too for dharna.

After hearing this news celebration started throughout India and people automatically got filled with patriotism, even more than that is normally observed on 15 August and 26 January. Some are calling it the proudest moment for India after Independence.

But at the same time Shankaracharya again criticized Narendra Modi as Modi fans in America again chanted “Har Har Modi”. Going to some further extent this time he says Modi is a human being only so he should remove “indra” from his name. He again mentioned him as the biggest enemy of Hindus. Shankaracharya also bashed Modi on his statement that we play with mouse.

He said he and everyone should respect mouse owing to its association with Lord Ganesha, and not describe it as a playing object. He was very annoyed so faking news correspondent didn’t dare to ask him further questions for fear of being slapped.