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US takes away visa and imposes ban on Indian student for not posting selfies and pics

27, Oct 2014 By rajkaj123

Washington: In a very dramatic and first of its kind action, United States imposed visa ban and sent a student back to India as he was found not posting selfies and pictures on Facebook during his stay in United States.

Govt. of India has responded very firmly and is currently in process of imposing a similar visa-ban on Barack Obama, president of United States of America.


Rajdayal Sharma, an alumnus of Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, joined University of California, Berkeley for his doctoral studies this year in August, 2014. According to a jointed report of NSA and Facebook, Raj was not very active since his last Facebook status in which he posted about joining UCB.

“We found it very unusual. Every year a lot of Indian students come and join various universities here at United States. Such students post their experiences and pictures which inspire a lot of other talented students from India to come here for higher studies or job. If students like Raj won’t do their job of posting pics, our business model gets a weak link and we at United States can’t allow any weak links. Hence we had to impose such ban on him,” said US Department of State spokesperson.

Meanwhile, when Faking News contacted Rajdayal, he was very depressed and couldn’t comment much. “I was just doing the same what I did here at IIT K. Study and study hard for higher grades. I didn’t know it was coming. I was even thinking of deactivating Facebook.”

Govt. of India has responded very aggressively on this matter. “If posting selfies and pics decides if someone should be allowed to stay at United States, then in that case we would impose visa ban on President of United States because he didn’t attend Madison Square speech of Prime minister Modi,” prime minister office spokesperson said.

Market analysts say that Make in India initiative taken by PM Modi has lured a lot of American, Japanese and Chinese investments. If US doesn’t takes this decision back, visa ban on Obama would affect American investments and hence allowing greater market for Japanese and Chinese companies and hence depriving American companies of Indian market.