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US Senate threatens Iran with fresh sanctions and unlimited dialogues

27, Mar 2015 By Ankit Shah

WASHINGTON: The US Senate voted unanimously supporting a non-binding measure to slap new economic sanctions on Iran and subsequent endless dialogue reach outs, should it violate terms of any nuclear deal, if any they dare to seal with world powers.

It carries the weight of love because it signals senators’ determination to act quickly with season- fresh sanctions and post- season outcome based dialogue reach outs, should Iran reach any agreement in order to end the never ending negotiations.

It seems the United States government has taken a U-turn, adopted, “The show must go on” mode while, the “Yes we can” fellow is all prepared to end his term with a Pepsi can.

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee votes April 14 on legislation that would require President Barack Obama to give Congress a say on any final deal reached between Iran and the P5+1 — Britain, China, France, Russia, the United States and Germany.

Congress would have 60 days to review and, as there’s no other popular choice, ultimately block the deal. The White House is opposed to such legislation, arguing a presidential non-signature is sufficient.

Amidst all this, Mr IQ Aandhi from India has threatened US by offering to apply for the top job, toppling Kerry from his position and lead the US team of negotiators, which according to him will change the system and bring some women empowerment.