Wednesday, 21st February, 2018

What US man dared can't be viable

24, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: A recent report said that one US man Donald Pagan tried to step between the columns of police horses just with an aim to punch the charger in the face at a street festival. The 59-year-old man attempted this impudence when the police were responding to a noisy disturbance at a beer tent. But this man remained unaware of the police restriction. He walked between the lines but suddenly stopped by the observant police.

Unique incident it is! The Massachusetts man was somewhere overconfident. That’s why he was making his steps forward to hit the police stallion. He might have been infused with matchless eagerness to complete his disobedient deed. However, he did not succeed in his purpose in any way. What he did was his entry into the horses’ column. This was also a courageous fad. But if consider of the same spirit with the mounted police in our own country it is not only difficult but impossible. One can even not reach near the horse if it is standing on the spot. First of all, there will stand the fear of punch by the horse’s leg.

Whenever the mounted police proceed with the religious or social festive occasions the mounted police demonstrate extra care in the interests of the public. They keep on advising the people to ably maintain a certain level of distance. This will be completely beneficial for the people. Though the constant surge of crowd disturbs the mute horses, the trained animals do not shy away from neighing if something chary is sensed by them. They even continue to move to and fro all the time. In such a condition the animals indicate to their respective masters in the uniform of their disturbed minds. There remains a risk of the mad dash in case the horses go berserk.