Friday, 15th December, 2017

US lady MPs cry for mod dress

18, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: American lady parliamentarians are raising demand for the sleeveless dress. They want to break traditional norms. They seem to be feeling a little more discomfited in full sleeve outfits. They are compulsorily asked over to wear proper full sleeve clothes. But they are considering of discarding such kind of compulsion at the present. That was why as many as thirty parliamentarians staged a protest in support of their dainty dress demand at Washington D.C.

Raising their all womanish objections they collected on the Speaker’s lobby at House Chamber Hall. In accordance with the rule, they can enter this place in full sleeve dress. When a woman journalist tried to enter in a sleeveless dress, she was not allowed. This led the women journalists and parliamentarians to oppose this customary code vehemently. That member of the press told that she was in her professional sleeveless dress and open shoes. Afterwards, they observed Sleeveless Friday in order to gather sufficient support for their cause. There was said to be a probability of bringing needful changes into this conventional American rule.

Thankfully, our country’s women politicians had not shown such kind of tendency so far. They believed of their traditional clothing quite upright. They had not touched this type of odd bogus idea. It is more often seen some kind of resentment rises on the matter of differently designed female’s dress.  Were the American feminine leaders correct in adopting the modern clothes? If they get a go-ahead signal it would be deemed of wider support to their demand. Sleeveless dress or short skirt indisputably draws an adequate amount of media publicity globally. So, such issue turns out to be a means to remain in the spotlight. It seems that as if something would come at last out of the lady parliamentarians’ complex demand.