Thursday, 22nd March, 2018

US drops case against Indian diplomat after hearing Rahul Gandhi's defense plea

27, Dec 2013 By wiseguysam12

The diplomatic scuffle between India and US over the Devyani Khobragade incident finally came to an end after the Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi sent an emotional defense plea to Barack Obama on behalf of all Indians.

Here is an excerpt from the letter provided by a reliable source (read Digvijay Singh):

Dear Mr. Obama, I request you on behalf of all the aam-aadmi of India and the enthusiastic Congress party workers to kindly drop the charges against Devyani and let her return to India. My mother had tears in her eyes when she saw the plight of Devyani and I know that I can be killed for defending her, just like my father and grandmother were killed but I will defend her till I die.

She was the first Indian who attained the escape velocity of Earth to reach US and also enabled her maid to gain the same velocity to come with her. We have already set up a judicial committee to look into her transgression and I assure you, justice will be served as it always have been, maybe slow but always steady. Please, please, please Obama uncle, do let her go.

Yours Sincerely, Rahul Gandhi

It is reported that Mr. Obama suffered from pain in the jaws and tears in the eyes from laughing too hard, the White House refused to confirm this piece of news.

It is also reported that the US government has sent this letter to all its employees as Christmas bonus, since they can’t pay them bonuses at the moment. Many European countries are reportedly in line to initiate criminal action against Indian diplomats with hopes to receive a similar letter from Rahul Gandhi.