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US apologies, says will follow Indian jail procedures

20, Dec 2013 By Sagar Birla

NEW YORK:  The US Government has finally apologized for the arrest of Indian diplomat IFS officer Devyani Khobragade.  Devyani was arrested on charge of visa feud as she was accused of providing false information for the visa application of her maid, Sangeetha, another Indian.

Forgive us.
Forgive us.

US prosecutor accepted that they were not aware about the wages of an Indian maid and that they should have checked with Mumbai Kaam-waali Baai Association first before alleging anybody.

The matter is resolved after Sangeetha assured that she was working willingly, but also confirmed that she did not know about this minimum wage law in US. “Bhaisaheb Bharat mein toh iska aadha bhi nahi milta hain. I call all baais and encourage them to work in US. My madam can help them with visa procedure,” she told Faking News.

The US Government has also reviewed and tried to find the reasons for the outrage caused by Devyani’s arrest. “We have come up with different solutions. Since the main outrage was seen from Indians, we tried to study Indian Jail system,” said NY Police chief spoke person.

He confirmed that NYPD is very impressed by Indian Police and jail system; especially  Tihar Jail. “We are also going to launch Dance evenings for inmates every week. That is called Moojra in India. Apparently, it helps inmates to relieve their stress.”

Since the outrage was agitated mainly because the diplomat was strip-searched, the NYPD has confirmed that it would ask its officers to not use such procedures in future. “It was part of general proceedings. That’s how we investigate in US. But Indian Police does it in more effective way. During our study we learned that, apparently, people do not mind when Indian Police search them with bare hands and touch them inappropriately. So we are also going to follow them. Also, that seems a much faster and less expensive way of investigation,” an amused officer told us.

The US Police has also apologized that they had to put Indian diplomat with harder criminals and she was treated like a common criminal. The NYPD Chief explained, “You see, we don’t have likes of hollywood celebrities in Jails. We found out that it is too common for Indian politicians and celebrities to get into and walk out of a jail. But we are seriously sorry that we don’t have people like Sanjay Dutt, A Raza, Kalmadi in US. Have we had any celebrity in custody, we would have put Devyani along with them. After all, what jail are for, if not entertainment!!” We sensed a taste of sarcasm in his voice.

Rahul Gandhi looks this as a win of Congress over Modi. He said that Congress will introduce a new bill which will make sure all Indians are treated and investigated same as they are being done in India irrespective of the color, religion and location.

“Be it one murder or two, the punishment is same. Likewise, be it in India or US, the punishment should be same for the same crime. Congress has never supported discrimination on any basis,” an over-joyful Rahul stated.