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UP govt to send Muzaffarnagar rioters to Bangladesh for 'study tour'

12, Jan 2014 By manithan

Lucknow: Similar to sending MLAs and ministers on a study tour to European countries, Uttar Pradesh govt has sent ten rioters, five rioters each from the two communities that clashed in Muzaffarnagar, to Bangladesh. They had already left for Bangladesh and is on tour in riot-effected places there for around two months.

Bangladesh Hidus
Foreign media has been reporting these incidents, but India media has been responsible in not reporting such incidents.

Speaking to our reporter, a UP govt official said, “After news of MLAs leaving for Euro trip came out, there were high tensions among the people, especially among those in riot affected areas. Also, the people at refugee camps were unable to go back to their place due to rioters. So, in order for them to return, we had to send these rioters somewhere. As arresting them would disprove our secularism, we thought of sending them to Bangladesh or Pakistan. But, Pakistan is not as effective as Bangladesh in reducing Hindu population. Bangladesh is perfect place for them to study the riots and on how they effectively reduce the population of the communal Hindus. We have also sent communal Hindu rioters (who were in prison) along with them. They can use these communal rioters for experimentation purposes.”

There are news of refugees flowing back to their hometowns in Muzaffarnagar, after the news of rioters sent to Bangladesh came out. But, there was still panic among the people, as the rioters will come back with more skill and they will feel like they have felt their niche. “And then the population reduction of communal Hindus will start here too”, laughed a retired rioter.

Based on reports from Bangladesh, the rioters on tour went to Chittagong, Khulna, Rangpur, Barisal, Rajshahi, Dhaka and interacted with the expert rioters of  Jamaat-e-Islami. They were seen seriously taking notes on how to attack and burn Hindu temples and homes. While Bangladeshi secular rioters showed demonstrations of how to attack communal people there, UP rioters too used their communal counterparts for attacking or killing. “We were instructed to finish the life of those 5 communal people before we come back to India,” laughed a rioter.

Prashant Bhushan has welcome this decision of UP govt and has congratulated for their efforts in proving their secularism. “We should learn from Bangladeshis on how to treat Hindus and then implement it here. I will ask for referendum from Bangladeshi rioters on this,” he said.