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UNESCO declares Pakistan as the country with most per capita honor

29, Jul 2016 By psych0bar0n

Geneva. In news coming in from Geneva, UNESCO has declared Pakistan as the country with most honour per capita. According to UNESCO, Pakistan already was among the top 10 honorable countries with the thousands of honor killings and terrorist attacks taking place every year, but what clinched the top rank was Quandeel Baloch’s honour killing.

“We Pakistanis have proved time and time again that we are the most honourable people. We sheltered a holy god man like Osama bin Laden for years while these Indians have been hosting violent people like the Dalai Lama. Pakistan also proved it’s honour by welcomingĀ a poor destitute Indian business man named Dawood Ibrahim with open arms and letting him run his drug mafia in our nation at the cost of our own youth. This is ‘Athithi Devo Bhav’. Finally UNESCO has recognized our efforts!”, said Pakistan premier Nawaz Sharif.

Pakistani society rejoicing
Pakistani society rejoicing

Pakistan’s leading cleric Bakruddin Kebabi also expressed happiness. “We have proved that we are second to none. Those Indians think they are hot shots with their booming IT industry exports but we have exported honour killing to the US, Canada and Europe. Hopefully, we will introduce this noble concept of honour killing to our alien extraterrestrial brothers living on other planets”, said Mr Kebabi.

Pakistan’s Industry Minister Ghulam Khan was quite thrilled at the development. “We are looking into setting up Honour Killing as a service industry. Other countries can send their artistes, actors and other intellectuals to be honourably dealt with. We will accept payment in counterfeit Indian Rupees or AK 47 bullets so that our customers won’t lose out on precious foreign exchange”.

Meanwhile this news has generated considerable interest in India. Khap Panchayats in Haryana are quite impressed by Pakistan’s feat and have demanded that the rest of India also contribute equally in increasing India’s honour quotient. Last heard, UNESCO was considering declaring Delhi as the city with most repentance per capita after suffering almost 2 years under Kejriwal and AAP.