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UNESCO declares Indian politician's "Kadi Ninda" as the best condemnation of the world

22, Sep 2016 By Beer & Biryani
The ambassador of the phrase
The ambassador of the phrase

Paris: After declaring Indian national anthem as the best, UNESCO has now declared “Kadi Ninda” by Indian politicians as the best condemnation the world has ever seen.

The award winning condemnation which has reached people via. different mass media like internet websites, WhatsApp, newspapers and word of mouth, has left the entire nation completely satisfied. “I feel like we’ve avenged the recent attacks after going through these articles”, quipped a man as he felt enlightened after reading different condemnations.

Reports suggest that Indian politicians have gone through a variety of thesauruses for picking words that are distinct and haven’t been used by other fellow politicians till date. “Uniqueness of kadi ninda and its extreme genuineness is the reason we have declared it as the best condemnation against terrorism”, UNESCO spokesperson was heard saying.

“With each word of condemnation, one fidayeen is getting neutralized. In other words, this is like a nuclear word attack without involvement of any weapons, and causing no damage to our planet”, a condemning politician was heard saying.