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UN takes suo moto cognizance of Bharat Nirman ads; recognizes India as a developed country

21, Jan 2014 By Vaibhav Anand

After the latest round of Bharat Nirman ads aired on TV, the United Nations has decided to award India with the tag of “developed nation”. The move was confirmed by United Nations General Secretary Ban Ka Choom in a press release today.

Bharat Nirman

“I just saw India’s latest Bharat Nirman advertisements playing on Television here in the US. To be honest, I haven’t seen such empty traffic free roads- as they have shown in the ads- even in New York City,” Mr. Choom said. “So clearly India must be more developed than the most developed country in the world.”

“So, the United Nations hascome to a conclusion that India is in fact far too well developed,” Mr. Choom said. “So we are going to stop all the support programs and withdraw all the funding India was getting on account of being a developing country.”

“In fact, we believe India must be overflowing with funds and resources if the government can afford to spend public money on these advertisements,” Choom added.