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Un-Islamic images create ire globally

19, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Two respective photos on social media created much furore globally. The uproarious grumblers left no stone uncovered in disapproving the images causing annoyance to them. What is criticised in our country cannot be acceptable in a more conventional country like Saudi Arabia anyhow? If the Muslim famous persons go against the traditional they are surely flayed for their off the mark things. If we can be so harsh on modernity, how can Saudis tolerate the western mores?

Recently the bearded cricketer Irfan Pathan was trolled for posting an un-Islamic image of his wife.  Being a model from Jeddah she would not have thought of enraged people’s unwarranted reactions regarding her nail polished fingers and partly uncovered face in the land of her devout husband. While a young model wearing miniskirt and crop top in public were arrested for posting the clip on Snapchat. Her picture depicted her walking along a desolate street of the historic fort village in Udayaqir in the ultra-conservative province of Najd. It is 96 kilometres north of Riyadh.

But the criticism caused concern to the more than one-year old married couples. Pathan uploaded the photo the social media which brought all the troubles for him. The comments ranged from advising him to remove the particular picture to condemning him for not being a good Muslim. In Saudia Arabia, women are required to wear loose fitting full-length robes known as abayas in public as well as a headscarf. However, the Saudi religious police (Haia) did not find it up to their social values.

He has been out of the gentleman’s game since he last played for Gujarat Lions franchise in the Indian Premier League. Already burdened with the tension of not being on the cricket field for past several months the cricketer felt uneasy. Saudi girl Khulood tried to be like foreigners but it was her folly in the light of rules.