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Uday Chopra to be declared the most fortunate person on Earth

07, Sep 2013 By Ashwin

The governing council of the “fortune Magazine” decided to include “Uday Chopra” in their list of fortune 500 companies. This is the only time that the company has decided to include a person other than an organization to be included in their list.

Confirming the news to our faking news correspondent, The CEO of the magazine said that “There was no way we could not include Uday Chopra in our list as he is the most fortunate person on earth.”  Needless to say the amount of money his dad and his brother have made for him.

Uday Chopra
Greek God Looks!

He also commented that in a country like India where poverty, corruption and recession are at its peak, there is this man, who has only grown. (He meant grown in terms of signing number of “Dhoom” movies) he also commented that “Uday Chopra” is a live example of a person relying completly on fortune than any other talent.

No other person has been that lucky to have this level of fortune. They also added that he should be given a lifetime achievement award for his commitment towards “Dhoom” as he is the only actor who can wait for 4 years only for one movie.

We got in touch with Uday Chopra who was extremely excited. “Never in my life did I think I would get any award. And to be included in the list of fortune 500 is a dream come true. I am feeling ecstatic.  He also said that he will be talking to his brother “Aditya Chopra” to make much more movies under the label of “Dhoom”. He also said that he feels like “Vin Diesel” of India. He also quoted that he is perhaps one of the better actor`s the industry has ever produced and lot of big actors have been vouching to work with him. To this, our correspondent fainted, but later gained consciousness once someone at the studio played songs from “Grand Masti”

He also said that had his dad been alive today, he would have been very proud of his achievement. He said that my father never felt that I could become an actor and he always suggested me to join a call center. I strongly denied that condemned that thought because my English was much poorer than even an 8th standard student. When asked what is that one thing of your dad you always remember??  To which Uday Chopra (making a looks of Ramadhir Singh from Gangs of Wasseypur) said “Beta Tum Rehne Do, Tumse Na Ho Payega”