Wednesday, 24th January, 2018

UAE repeats Hanuman's feat for water

14, May 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: The magic we observe at the circus is the distraction. But the real fascination will happen with the United Arab Emirates’ preference of bringing the Antarctica’s ice into its periphery by applying some suitable methods. In another word, we can say the UAE considers of confining iceberg into its eagle’s claws. This is being started in order to mitigate the drinking water crisis by fetching a big mound of the iceberg from the frozen Antarctica. Such account is barely credible. But it will be done. When we hear of the Ramayana age story telling of Lord Hanuman taking hold of the hill’s entire portion for Laxman’s survival, it appears quite incredible. It can be said if that feat was possible, this act can also be accomplished.

That was sanjivini booti (elixir of life) which was available on the hill. So the staunch disciple of Lord Rama at once brought the entire mound for reviving Laxman’s heart beat. Therefore in case of bringing the iceberg, the same determination is found. The endeavour is praiseworthy. The iceberg will be cut into small pieces and packed into the big-sized boxes. Afterwards, it will be shipped to the Arabian Gulf. Just as bringing hill of that particular herb was not an arduous feat for a mythological character so as the latest endeavour cannot be trouble-free in this advanced computer age.  Even the packing of ice parts requires high-quality technological talent. However, the groundwork and the homework must have been considered fully well.

The ice mound will be made drinkable after its thorough vital processing. Thus, thousands of Gulf countries’ residents will be able to quench their thirst. Where there is a will, there is a way. We have so far heard of carrying clay from South Asian countries but now iceberg’s transportation from Antartica is going to take place in the Arabian land. The people in the past days used to dig up deep down the earth for water but the modern man does not want to discover water. The frozen water is obtained in order to convert into the liquid water. There is now no need to dig up canals from the rivers. The sea water is being mechanically processed to make it worth drinkable. This wonder of science has magical power into the technological hands. That’s why we are reaping the benefits of technology in our routine life.