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Only two Indians make it to Swearing-in of Mr. Donald Trump

20, Jan 2017 By khakshar

Mr. Donald Trump took the Oath of Office on January 20th noon. Many inaugural balls across Washington DC were held. They hadl feature appearances by President and First Lady Trump, and Vice President and Mrs. Pence. The first and the official ball was the  “Liberty and Freedom: The Official Presidential Inaugural Balls.” It was held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. Everyone was eyeing the list of special invitees and guests. The view of celebrities towards Mr. Trump was full of respect. It was last evident when Trump rated the acting prowess of Meryl Streep on Twitter. Streep was also too generous about Trump in her Golden Globe speech.

A picture from our File-exactly* Year ago, when our Editor was a an invitee to the Ball
A picture from our File-exactly* Year ago, when our Editor was a an invitee to the Ball

However many Indo-Americans were invited to the balls. Other than some Indo- Americans attending there were only two Indians who made it to Capitol Hills on evening of January 20th. Of course the two were famous in their own rights. One of them predicted Mr. Donald Trump  victory long ago and even had dedicated a song to him. The song was in Hindi. The Republicans were not able to understand anything but Trump. It’s this song which brought a shift in Indo-Americans from democrats to republicans. It’s the four lines which clinched the issue:

“लुसिआना से पंजू बोस्टन से बोंग; रैली उसकी डे बाय डे इज़ गेटिंग स्ट्रोंग जीके और आयक्यू उसकी बल्ले बल्ले; हेटर्स की बोले तो जल्ले जल्ले”

The President wanted to thank the couple personally. Hence a communication was sent to them personally along with Tickets to Washington and passes for the balls. Funnily the names of both sounded similar to the Swearing -in organizers. Both had nearly the same first name. It took a lot of explaining by Indo-Americans  that one was named “Baba”, while the other had “Baba” added to his name to gain respect.

Faking News will reveal the second name in near future. Our own Baba-Second or Senior was instrumental in making Trump a “Hindu Hriday- Samrat.”