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Trump does a Modi with motto and acronyms

12, Jan 2017 By khakshar

Washington: Mr. Henry H Worthless, who once held a position of Professor at the now defunct Trump University, is following Mr. Trump to the White House. Mr. Worthless will be motto-maker in Washington. It will give new dimensions to different areas of Governance. As all of us know, the new US President is inspired by our own PM. He proposes full time professionals in White House to coin motto and acronyms. It will be along the lines which our own PM uses.

MAG- Make America Great 
MAG- Make America Great

Mr.Trump used POETUS  in his election run up. PEOTUS stood for President Elect of the United States. Mr.Trump also uses ABCD, just as our PM every now and then. However, the President ABCD means “America Beats Confused Democrats”. Furthermore, the President is seriously thinking about changing it to something else. Mr. Wothless and his team are working on it. Here too, the Prez is inspired by our own Prime Minister. Our PM’s ABCD (Adarsh, Bofors, Coal scam and Daamad) changed to another ABCD (Avoid, Bypass, Confuse, Delay). Insiders in White House tell us that our own P2G2- Pro People Good Governance will be copied. P2G2 will become Putin Proclaims that God is Great .

The President elect’s office published some of the famous Motto by Mr. Worthless.

“Most people aren’t naturally lazy, when faced with starvation”: It will be the motto of Labor Department .

“Good fences make good neighbors”: Homeland Security’s number one message. Will take care of Mexico.

“Never judge a book by its cover…unless it’s a woman”: It will be in quest of bridging the gender gap:

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, which is actually meant for Health Department. It will ensure the death of “Obama Care”. It will also help the Department of Agriculture, which will have to grow a lot of new apple trees.