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Trump to introduce new visa for Indian techies to help them answer relative’s questions

04, Jun 2017 By jatinhumbal

After introducing new rules and regulation on H1B visa, situation is really tough to get US visa for Indians and it impacted negatively to Indian techies working in various IT companies. After raising concern over it Indian government officials had meeting with Trump and soon US will introduce new kind of visa for Indian techies called R1B.

Techies are always under huge pressure to answer various questions to their relatives regarding US visa and going abroad followed by “when they will get married?” and regarding their annual CTC. Restriction on H1B affected so badly that employees avoided several family meeting and functions.

Trump’s reaction after seeing the relative coming down to US.
Trump’s reaction after seeing the number of relative coming down to US.

But the Indian government raised this issue with the US diplomats committee headed by Trump after realizing the situation of Indian youth they showed soft corner and now new visa category is coming so Techies can answer at least one of the questions confidently to their relatives. One of the Officials said “We never knew how much trouble Indian youth is facing but now we are ready to help them”.

We talked one of the guy working in a MNC as software engineer he said “It is huge relief after hearing the news regarding new visa he can finally answer his relatives calls and answer them confidently” Previously his parents were also feeling ashamed as their son was not going abroad even working in IT MNC.

Dowry rates might also increase after this news, which went down drastically after H1B crack down.

In order to apply under this category you need to submit list of questions frequently asked by your relatives and selection priority will be given based on tourcher they have faced. After getting visa US government will allow clicking photos and upload on social media as a proof of abroad visit.

Meanwhile on social media group people kept their point like “People who leave country for money are not nationalist” while liberals said government helping rich IT people only no good policies for poor.