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Our trains run unlike Japan

19, Nov 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: One news item enlightened us with the Japanese company apologising for the train’s departure prior to its time. It has definitely not come in a matter of fact, business-like voice with as little emotion as if some dry business matter was talked about. That’s why the railways’ operator in Japan had extended its profound apology over the Sukuba Express leaving the station prior to twenty seconds from its fixed time. Though the Japanese were puzzled with this oddity, the Indians too found themselves in an utter surprise. When they remained accustomed to travelling in the late running trains, the Japanese saw it like a kick in the teeth.

The train’s scheduled departure time from Minami Nagreyama station was given at 9:44: 40 while the train moved on before 20 seconds.  That country’s rule allows ringing of the bell fifteen seconds before leaving of the platform. Afterwards, the train slowly moves about by telling the passengers to follow certain safety norms. As Japanese is more known for the punctuality and hospitality, this timing alteration has stirred them. However, we in our own country do not see any kind of apology from the department concerned at train’s delay.

The recent example of this peculiarity is the superfast inter-city train between Kanpur and Allahabad. Its late running has been stickled since its start. It completes one-hundred ninety Km in more than five hours. This superfast reached Allahabad Junction after 1: 15 pm from Kanpur Central on November 16. Its long stoppage at Subedarganj remained the passengers’ nightmare. It runs the hare’s vanity. In return journey, it followed the same course. From Allahabad Junction, it started its journey later than its scheduled time of 6: 20 p.m. It did not avoid stoppage at extra stations which were placed in its declared or fixed eight stoppages. It reached the CNB after the midnight hours.