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Terrorist group gives up terrorism after finding out that 'people are united and not scared' after attacks

28, Jun 2015 By manithan

A Terrorist group from Syria has decided to give up their terror attacks after world leaders kept on saying that ‘such attacks will not scare our people and they will still remain united’.

They have decided to take up human rights activism instead.

Jamlawudanibillali, a terror group acting out from Syria were carrying out terror attacks across Europe for the past seven years. Suddenly, the group leader called upon media outlets and declared that they are giving up their terrorism.

Ex-terrorist and currently Human Rights activist Al Gul, along with his assistant, who is holding a big sized pen.
Ex-terrorist and currently Human Rights activist Al Gul, along with his assistant, who is holding a big sized pen.

Speaking to Faking News, Bulbul Al Gul, leader of the ex-terror group said, “We started the terror group in 2006 to spread terror in Europe. After intensive training, we made our first attack locally in 2008. We then went to attack Europe from 2010. As of now, we had made 15 suicide bombings and 12 attacks. Totally, we had lost around 40 brave soldiers to our ultimate cause – to spread terror.”

Rising his index finger of right hand before us, he continued, “Spreading terror and dividing people was our only goal in all these terror attacks. As I said, our group soldiers are committed to perform attacks that will divide people and scare them all. We do not have any other religious or political aim. But, everytime we attack some European place, all the world leaders are united in one dialogue – ‘Such terror attacks will not cause fear in us. Our people will be united and not scared of such attacks’. We send our fighters who will die in such attacks and what we get back is sharp and scathing statements. They could have entered our camps and destroyed us all, but their usual statement is more shocking and more lethal than their inaction.”

“Let bygone be gone. We cannot take such statements anymore. We are trying to spread panic and divide people, but I heard that nearly 50% of Europeans cannot even divide 2 by 2. How are we going to divide them? When our attacks are not going to deter them, why should we waste our time and resources? We have decided to give up terrorism. We have planned to start Human Rights group and fight for the poor ISIS fighters who are being arrested in European cities. We will get a direct support from European libtards this time. Poor libbies, how many decades can they support us in dark?” concluded Al Gul.

Al Gul has even created banner for his Human Rights Group. ‘Free Peacefuls’ was written in the banner with beheaded heads stuck at ends of two swords, with an index finger raised between it.