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Sword in showcase kills 4

21, Aug 2014 By Siddharth Patki

London: 4 men were found dead including the Bar tender, as the mysterious slaughter occurred in blue bar.

Mrs Bartender when reached late night to the bar as her husband did not return, found 4 dead body which includes: one Russian, one Brazilian, one Australian and the English bartender.

According to the post mortem results, all men were killed by the sword which was placed in showcase of the bar at the ceiling height, as the traces of blood were found on the sword.

As the bar was closed from the inside, apparently there was no forced entry or exit from the bar. According to exit cameras no one left the bar.

Scotland yard is still investigating the situation, but as of now they have taken sword into the custody, as it is the only prime suspect.

According to Scotland yard chief, “It’s an open and shut case and we need no help from the CID or FBI, sword is guilty and will get the death penalty without any mercy.Every time we blame humans for such massacre but this time there will be justice and first time in the history of mankind a weapon will be punished”

When consulted with India’s CID chief ACP Pradyuman, he replied ” it’s a simple case of multiple suicide, no need to investigate further.

There is huge protest in the India, as they demand sword to be returned back to India as it belongs to some Maharaja (when asked which Maharaja?, they had no clue) and was taken to England during British Raj.