Monday, 19th March, 2018

Study puts curb on birthday candles

03, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Extinguishing the candles fixed on the velvety birthday cake mars the people’s overt and covert joys. The gathering of the people remains present on the occasion for savouring the special smoother fluffy creamy layered cake. When they further come to know of the germs begin to envelop the cake following a forceful direct puff over the more than a few candles. Though the burning candles are doused instantly, the after effects of this traditional practice make a harmful impact upon the partying people.

Now, they are compelled to think of the adverse brunt on their health condition in the midst of joyful occasion of the happy birthday. When those cheerful persons come to know of this risk, they soon embrace some solid anticipation method in order to keep their physical strength intact in a proper way. After all, health is wealth and it can be observed carefully. The careful conscientious people after learning of the latest research study from the high up American Clemson University are cautious. The researchers have pertinently observed the potential spread of bacteria during the blowing out of the burning candles into the porous cake.

According to their reliable studies, the bio aerosols in the human breath may be a possible source of hurtful bacteria transferred to soft smoother cake surfaces. Like many other instructive points, the people henceforth consider of not placing candles on the cake’s surface solely for the health reason. They have thought of applying only the cut and clap exercise in order to stop entry of bacteria into the big birthday cake. The strenuous research work has shown a positive path to people. A kind of restraint is a saner approach. Since they will avoid putting the candles, their energy will also be saved in puffing up act and thereby restricting their precious breaths.