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Software engineer left job to become a maid in USA

23, Dec 2013 By newoldblog

All his life Munna an engineer by heart wanted to earn in dollars/Euros but fate has always remained rude to him. Whenever there was an opportunity to go to abroad and work onsite, world’s economy was tanked and his chances evaporated every time, as if whole galaxy was against him going out.

But there is no point in looking back, cursing and feeling sad as destiny has once again opened doors to live the dreams. It was when Munna’s old house maid, Suneeta Holding, called him on Thanksgiving, thanked him for giving her first break later she told him how she is now settled in downtown Manhattan with her family, “This is like living in paradise and I don’t want to go home.”

The maid Suneeta Holding provided Munna the UN-believable Trust’s details which helped her in finding a rude and enough little corrupt Indian employers where she was initially posted, which then got converted to permanent employment with a little handiwork.

Enthralled with joy Munna called the UNbT and already filled the application form for employment. The hiring agency assured Munna about the job placement and heaven isn’t too far away.

Overjoyed Munna emailed his unavailability to his manager same night, decided to work on his culinary skills and enriching storytelling abilities which had become crude, monotonous and extremely complex after years of bureaucratic diplomatic email writing and self annual appraisals. Munna believes he will prove his worth more than ever before in his new domain.