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Snowden to apply for BMC “Pipe Leak Detection” outsourcing contract– A recent NSA WireTape revealed

20, Jul 2013 By deliberatelies

NSA (National Security Agency) which comes under the US dept. of defense and which has been in news worldwide for all wrong reasons, today helped a rookie Chinese hacker get wire-tapes about its ill-famed ex-protege  Edward Snowden from NSA server.

“These wire-tapes are primarily about Snowden’s activities post-his-sensational-revelations about NSA and US Govt. The surprise element here is that NSA officials themselves helped me in hacking this info from their database. They even gave me ready-made SQL query to execute for pulling the data from the database server. They are still using old version of oracle (oracle 8). What a shame!! ” Huang Fu, the rookie Chinese hacker, told the Indian publishing agency, which is going to publish this hacked news about Snowden.

When asked why he was chosen by NSA (over other well-known hackers) for leaking the info about Snowden, Huang said “NSA officials, on condition of anonymity, had told me that this way, they will settle an (old) score with their 2 enemies:

  • Snowden  : By revealing his personal info (who had done unrepairable damage to NSA and its credentials)
  • Assange    : By not choosing him for leaking the info about Snowden and rewarding a lesser known hacker to leak the info (it will frustrate him)”

When asked by publisher about the Snowden’s personal life data which Huang had hacked, he said “You would not believe your ears when you hear that”.

“As you may be knowing BMC(Bombay Municipal Corporation) had recently sought for expression of interest (EOI) for awarding outsourcing contracts to many external agencies for “pipe leak detection” work . Despite numerous efforts by them in the past to curb leakages either by forming a ‘leak detection squad’ or by planning to procure modern leak detection equipment, they failed to achieve substantial success. Senior civic officials at BMC now feel that unless they know properly how leakage happens, they would not be able to devise a way to plug it. So, they thought that it is  better to appoint some external agency with a quality experience ( “leakage” not “anti-leakage” related prior experience) to do this job.

Snow”den”, who is currently staying in some “den” in Russia, has already applied for these tenders. Citing the quality experience which he possesses in leakage related work, chances of him getting these contracts is very high. As per info which he has an access to, he expects that this time MNS is not going to protest over a non-Marathi Manoos applying for the state contracts. MNS may term “his interest in applying for contracts” as a matter of pride for Maharastra that a person from developed country has chosen them over other Indian states, ” Huang said further.

On being asked why Snowden has an interest in such less-fancy jobs, Huang said, after his recent revelations about NSA clandestine program named PRISM, Snowden’s Email Inbox got flooded with numerous job offers from various anti-US countries. Most of these jobs were aimed at exploiting his technical skills in hacking. But he is least interested in pursuing such repetitive sort of job. Of Late, he has been looking for some new challenges. As per him, when he saw BMC tender in TOI, he could not resist himself from applying for it as the work, involved in it, is more towards anti-leakage rather than pro-leakage.  Another plus point of this job, as per him is, he may be able to convince US attorney that he is atoning for his sins (by showing anti-leakage nature of this BMC work). If some day, a trial happens for his past sins then he may be awarded a less harsher punishment.