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Snowden reveals Rahul Gandhi’s phone intercepts gave him reason to live

01, Nov 2013 By Vaibhav Anand

Edward Snowden, the ex US military man famous for leaking several US state secrets, has now revealed that Rahul Gandhi’s phone intercepts gave him the strength to take on the mighty United States machinery.

Snowden said in a phone conversation with this Faking News reporter that Rahul Gandhi’s intercepts gave him and still give him motivation to live everyday.

Rahul Gandhi
Source of inspiration for many.

“His phone conversations gave a new meaning to my life, they made me feel alive,” Snowden said. “I must say I have read the Faking News website and have found that Rahul’s actual conversations are a thousand percent more entertaining.”

When asked which conversation he found most entertaining, Snowden said there were so many that it had become difficult to choose. “Mr. Gandhi would usually call up random people to try and convince them to vote for the Congress party,” he said, amidst peals of laughter.

“After that, he would end up trying to get himself invited to their house to have food there. What would happen after that is incredibly funny. Some people would hang up the phone but most would use incredibly colorful swear-words for him.”

“After that, Mr. Gandhi would mostly end up crying loudly on the phone wailing Mummy Mummy,” Snowden added laughing. “Still lights me up everytime.”