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Sign language interpreter at Mandela's memorial service was Digvijay's protege

13, Dec 2013 By gaathi

If you think that Digvijay Singh is just one of his kind then you are wrong. Faking News has learnt that the clumsy-mouthed Congressman has been training international students in the art of gibberishness from past few years and one of his ardent learners was in the limelight in an international event a couple of days ago. Yes! He is none other than the man who quite confidently translated Obama’s speech to a gibberish sign language, he is the sign language interpreter whom we saw in Mandela’s memorial service.

Thamsanqa Jantjie in an interview with Faking News told us that he idolizes Diggy as his guru and has a dream of one day being compared with his level nonsense. He also dedicates his feat of faking sign language while standing alongside world leaders including Barack Obama, Ban Ki Moon, Raul Castro and Pranab Mukherjee as a tribute to his revered master and calls it just a pinch of achievement in front of Digvijay’s accomplishments.

Jantjie further told us that he completed his Diploma in ┬áNonsense from Digvijay’s institute just an year ago and added that he was one batch junior to Congress Vice-president Rahul Gandhi. “I remember Rahul ji was a prefect in the institute and he was just perfect in whatever was taught there, he was Sir’s (Digvijay’s) favorite disciple.” Jantjie added, “If Rahul ji was Sir’s Arjuna, I am his Eklavya.”