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'Sharif' Drone that killed Hakimullah Mehsud goes on indefinite strike for not receiving reward money

06, Nov 2013 By Insane BABA

Black House, Islamabad: In a one of the most dramatic event of the year, Drone named Sharif-2PAK that destroyed the bunker securing Tehreek-e-Taliban leader Hakimullah Mehsud killing him at the time of quaterly meeting, has gone on indefinite Hunger strike for not receiving the hefty $5 million reward money.

On the drone strike carried out last week, Pagal reporter from Fakingnews had a word (through the Mic.) with Sharif-2PAK in front of Black House in Islamabad 

Pagal: First of all congratulations, you did a great job.

Sharif-2PAK: Oh yaa! Whatever

Pagal: You don’t seem happy with this achievement?

Sharif-2PAK: Well I am happy but Michelle’s husband is not.

Pagal:  And, what makes you think so?

Sharif-2PAK: Because neither he praises me, nor he recommends my name for the Presidential medal. I think he is only interested in tapping phones with NSA.

Pagal: So, Why are you on strike?

Sharif-2-PAK: FYI Pagal I am on ‘Hunger’ strike, can’t you see I have refused to be fuelled any more, I guess that’s why they call you Pagal (then the laughs)

Pagal: Alright, why on Hunger strike then?

Sharif-2-PAK: Because I didn’t receive the $5 million prize money for killing Hakimullah.

Pagal: From where did you get this idea, of going on strike?

Sharif-2-PAK: Off course from India, I have heard that there are many Drones like me such as Anna-001 and Kejriwal-AAP-001 who regularly goes on hunger strike against their government to meet their demand.

Pagal: But they didn’t get any outcome from that, what difference do you seek?

Sharif-2-PAK: That’s not true; I have heard one of them is aiming to become the CM of Delhi(Laughs again) and other one is planning for another strike. And well for that matter I am not going to give up untill I succeed. Also my slogan is “Yes, this Drone can”.

Pagal: Ok, one last question; where did you get your name from?

Sharif-2-PAK: What? I didn’t hear you come again.

Pagal: I asked about your name Sharif….

Sharif-2-PAK: Thank you!

And then he went off ignoring Pagal and shouting his slogan: “Yes, this Drone can”. Well we hope it does.

In the meantime, Fakingnews received an e-mail from its secret source that NSA is planning to organize strike on Sharif-2-PAK through another Drone named Fenku-NAMO-1K or Pappu-Velocity-001, it also states that the latter one would be more effective as it moves with its escape velocity in its normal state of mind.