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SC quashes appeal against BJP forming govt in USA

16, Mar 2017 By meansailor

PTI | Apr 1-16d, 2017, 08.79 PM Mumbai, CST/New Delhi. Supreme court made complicated remarks against BJP for its attempt to form a Government in USA. Court saw interesting war of words between the two senior advocates Kapil and Arun. “Even though Trump has popular support, BJP is attempting to make Manoj Prabhakar the president of the USA”, argued senior advocate Kapil Dev, counsel of INC. In his opening as well as closing argument, defense attorney Arun Jet Lee said that Chinese soldiers were standing in Aksai Chin! He asked Court to bear some pain for nation and chant Vande Matram. He reminded Kapil that everything that BJP did was from CBSE text book.

The bench made references to Julius Ceasar and expressed displeasure over ignorance of average Indian about Dostoyevsky. “While you were using VLC media player, Nero was burning ROM!” said the bench, before going for a Quick Time break. However, court allowed ‘whatabouttery’ of the BJP as a fair argument.

Trump sad after losing a trusted like-minded partner
Trump sad after losing a trusted like-minded partner

No one wants to comment but:

BJP’s lead musician Pt. Ravi Shankar denied to comment. He said that the matter was sub-prejudice, sublime, and sub-joindice. People of USA expressed shock after seeing mockery of their mandate in the largest democracy of the planet. There has been a campaign #NotMyPresident on twitter. Art expert and Prime hipster of Republic De Francua, Shobha De Aquafina has called for restraint. She said that understanding a mandate was a difficult exercise. “You can’t ever be sure of its meaning just by looking at numbers. You can interpret a mandate as a one to form a government, to not form a government. Or even to date with a man”. She quipped when no one asked her anything. She categorically said that whoever would become the president of the USA by such tactics would NOT be her president.