Monday, 19th February, 2018

Saudi women fly to drive on road

29, Sep 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: What was totally forbidden in the Saudi Arabian Society will no longer be in just the same way in the coming encouraging days? This is exactly so because of the sudden alteration in certain restrictions on the burqa-clad women there. One being their long persisting seclusion from the driving rights is now going to be gained by them. This will definitely open an optimistic way for them in order to acquire the driving licenses by women. Surprisingly the Saudi women secured this right only after flying the aeroplane. It was reported way back in the month of March that a female crew made a history by landing down a plane they were flying in that Arabian land even though they were then not allowed to drive a car.

We sometimes are forced to think how did a purely Muslim land deprive its women of driving right for so many years? While in our own grand country the Muslim women felt no problem in driving the car since the country’s freedom. There are Muslim women who perfectly drive the car while their husbands sit next to them on the front separate seat. In our wonderful land, this point definitely raises an intense query. When a woman drives a car and the husband sits beside her promptly becomes a cause for the conversation. This is the main difference between the Indian and the Saudi Arabian social order. What is considered odd here turns out normal in that Arab society now.

With the decree of King Salman’s decree a new wave of elation among the women pervades all over the country. A sixty-year-old long debate is to end as the women will now be on the steering of the car. The old order changes with new order and this is either appreciated or criticised.