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Salman- the real reason behind Hillary's defeat

15, Nov 2016 By varunsundars

No one had ever expected it! The whole world is in shell-shock at this moment and is pinching to check if it is a dream. Yes, the impossible has happened. America elects Sir. Donald Duck sorry… sorry… Donald Trump (both are similar in trash talking anyway) as their next President. An improbable Trump’s triumph dumps the hate speeches of all his haters to register a historic win. With all pre-poll surveys suggesting a Hillary Clinton’s victory, Sir. Donald Trump suddenly came out of the blue to win from nowhere!

So what caused this sudden swing? Any guesses? Yes, it is none other than our very own Sallu Bhai again. Recently Salman Khan announced his support to Hillary and it had, in turn, changed the election results upside down!

Hillary's initial reaction on hearing Salman's demands for announcing support
Hillary’s initial reaction on hearing Salman’s demands for announcing support

It was known from our trusted sources that, both Hillary and Sallu Bhai had several rounds of negotiations related to conveying support in US elections. It was only after Mrs. Hillary Clinton’s nod to Sallu’s demands, the star actor announced his epic decision. The terms & conditions of the agreement are as follows:


i) that Salman Khan must be allowed to rash drive across all US roads with exclusive access to unlimited accidents at lightning speeds, just like Reliance Jio’s unlimited data at 4G speeds!

ii) that Salman Khan is free to hunt rain deer (since Indian Sambhar deer, Sallu’s crash favourite, are not available there) anytime, anywhere 24X7 which even includes rain deer that draws Christmas Santa’s chariot!

iii) that Salman’s movie must be given top priority and must be screened at first in all leading US theatres even before the Hollywood movies!

It is known that FBI recently disclosed details of Hillary’s secret emails that were sent to Salman, which caused fury among Americans to dump their vote on Trump fearing for their life! Now you know how it all happened. Well, miracles do happen. Especially if it involves Salman for sure.