Monday, 23rd April, 2018

Salman Khurshid warns China, sends them DVD of Chennai Express

25, Aug 2013 By roshan

After recent intrusions by Chinese PLA into the Ladakh And the Arunachal Pradesh regions, Our defense minister Salman khurshid has decided to take strong actions.

He has sent a DVD of Chennai Express to China Via International Speed Post Which is likely to reach China well before Shahrukh dares to make another south Indian movie remake. Along with the DVD, Khurshid also sent a letter in which he clearly stated that further tough actions would be taken if the Chinese PLA did not stop Intrusion.

The Tough Actions Included:

1. Screening of Chennai Express across the Indo-Chinese Borders 2. Flying a remote Controlled Plane Over The Chinese Embassy 3.Turning down Chinese food Like chilli chicken, chilli Paneer , manchurian etc and converting it into Swadeshi Food like Chillly Khichiri, Dalhia Manchurin etc 4. Removing a Few Speakers from all the Chinese Phones In india. 5. last But Not The Least ” Attacking and defeating China Ruthlessly In ” The game of thrones”. Please Share This with your Friends if you support The moves of Our Defense Minister or you will get another 16 years of UPA rule if you dont..