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Road jam compels German to swim

26, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR:  A German stressed with the routine traffic jam found a new idea to avoid the road congestion and that idea proved reasonably better for him as he accepted later. He chose a better option of reaching his workplace by swimming. He began covering a distance stretched for exactly two Kilometres. Traffic jam is a big headache for every commuter. Long wait, breathing in smoke and killing of time are some significant risks while tied up into the road congestion. Everyone normally considers of avoiding this unavoidable menace but by mistake, one gets trapped into the dangerous situation.

Whether it is in our country or outside the crowded roads are common features. Fed up with this type of uncontrollable condition gutsy German commutes opted for swimming his native country’s Isar River regularly. Thus this particular way proved a faster and more relaxing way than sitting in the traffic blockage. He was extremely disturbed with the pressure of traffic congestion. So, he planned something flexible within his reach. The river option appeared quite comfortable for him. Therefore, he faced no problem in swimming as many as two kilometres along the flowing river in the popular city of Munich for reaching his workplace.

Failing to evade the bystanders’ ridicules, he did not leave the swim excursion for his commute. That German known by the name of Benjamin David keeps in his mind the seasonal effect during his go in swimming for the lengthy excursion. He habitually packs a waterproof bag spacious enough to carry his laptop, suit and shoes. Strapping the bag to his muscular back he begins his swimming trip. Depending on the season, he puts on swimming trunks or a wetsuit protecting his nimble and tender soles of the feet from the risky glass or the occasional bicycle laying in the German river.