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RANDI to Pakistan, India wants CHINAAL from China

16, May 2015 By aadarshpatrakaar

After China gave Pakistan RANDI (Research and Development International), India, in its ever competitive spirit, has demanded CHINAAL from China.

It created a major misunderstanding in the Chinese government until they realized it was nothing but “China and India’s Attempt to adjust the LOC”. Major chaos was created at the international airport when the Chinese tried to avert a plane full of Chinese women from take off.

It all started when a Chinese official pointed out that Indians lacked the skills of wordplay. He stated that a great speaker like Shahid Afridi could’ve only come out of a land that took RANDI from China. Agitated an Indian official reminded the Chinese personnel that he was forgetting Ashish Nehra, and within minutes a committee was set up by the Indian officials and the mutual effort was proposed to the Chinese Government.

Indian Government has now requested China to stop what they are doing and and make CHINAAL their top priority.

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