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Rajdeep Sardesai explains how Govardhan and Kamru celebrate Diwali in London

24, Oct 2014 By khakshar

British Prime Minister David Cameron celebrated the Hindu festival of Deepawali at his official residence  on Monday . The tradition was started by Ex-Premier  Mr. Gordon Brown in 2009 .

Mr. Gordon was also called “Govardhan ” by his Indian supporters due to his affinity to Indian culture . Some of our journalists based in London have been quick to name the present Prime Minister “Kamru”.

Participants say that The pomp and show at 10 , Downing Street on Diwali celebrations  was a class.

Mr.Brown also used to celebrate “Govardhan Puja ” a day after Diwali

One of our correspondent met  Rajdeep Sardesai , an expert on anything and  as usual he  had  an analysis to add. He confided that the British Government feels aggrieved by Narendra Modi’s neglect of  Britain.With Patels as third most dominant surname in London , Mr. Modi  should have visited London before his proposed tour of Australia. He further added that with no love lost between Australia and England , the English seem to have a valid reason reason for feeling bad.  It may be possible that England wants to remind India of it’s old links.

Rajdeep’s analysis seemed to be  based on lines of  Politics in Maharashtra. After the Madison Square incidence the reporter was wary of meeting the fist wielding Anchor . However cruel editors of FN wanted to test whether Rajdeep had enough Gun Powder left in him or was a “Phus Bomb” as most of our cracking Journalist. With all fears of handling a multi- sound bomb , @khakshar met him at his residence regarding his view on Maharahtra Poll results.

“The old Blighty has been a friend for long” , he said. “It is another matter that the word “Blighty” originates from “Vilayati”  added Ms.Ghose who seemed to have kept an ear on what Rajdeep was muttering. Ms.Ghose , another expert of anything under the Sun was more candid. Mr. Modi may hamper the relief in Srinagar on 23rd . He could have met the Archbishop of Canterbury on Diwali in England to justify his claim as Prime Minister of India.