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Rahul to facilitate an Argo like escape for Devyani from US prison

21, Dec 2013 By manithan

Delhi: It was talk of the town for the past few weeks that Rahul was not visible in any of the party meetings or in any social parties or even in any dalit home for food. While the opposition parties were mocking him that he is holidaying in Europe, confirmed sources from the inner circle of Rahul told that he is busy with a covert operation in the US.

There are also plans of making a movie on this covert operation, even before the real operation taking place. The above pic is one of the movie posters circulating among the production houses.
  Margo movie poster

One of his close friend revealed us on condition of anonymity that Rahul is in US to facilitate an Argo like escape for Devyani Khoparkarne from US prison.

He told us not to leak this news anywhere until the operation gets over. This idea came to Rahul when he stumbled upon the Ben Affleck starrer Argo on Star Movies, when he had accidentally pressed the remote button while watching Toon Disney.

Immediately after the movie, he called upon his uncles who pulled various producers and script writers from Bollywood. It was finally decided that Rohit Shetty would be the scriptwriter for the covert operation. Yash Chopra’s production will be launching a fake movie called Margo and its launch will be publicized in the page three. Marsgo (‘s’ silent) will be showcased as the story of a foreign uneducated youth (role played by Rahul himself) who strives hard to make the dream of a Dalit boy a real, by letting him go to Mars and Jupiter with the help of sufficient escape velocity.

In an eagerness to know more, our reporter approached the scriptwriter and production house , but both were unavailable for comment. But with a few rounds of cigarettes and samosa with the office boys, our reporter got hold of the script papers of the covert ops from the production house.

According to the covert operation script, Rahul will travel to US to scout for locations to shoot the NASA scenes and then will mix with the people there reaching out to Devyani. The script has ripped scenes from Batman, Prison Break, Shawshank Redemption and many other prison movies which will be used by Rahul to take Devyani from prison and rush back to airport. At the airport, if confronted with strip-search, Rahul will have to deliver these punch dialogues, “Tum usko strip karega, toh, main tumko RIP karega” &  “Mujhe strip chicken kaana ke ichcha , par tum iss chick ko strip kare toh, tum banega meri maa ki bachcha”. These lines will make the US authorities run away in fear.

Similar to the “Argo! Fuck Yourself” catchphrase, here “Margo! Main Pappu Hoon” will be used as the equivalent. When we asked the assistant about the script for Margo, he laughed and said, “Bhai, we do not have script ready for even a real movie. Then why waste time preparing script for fake movie?”

Times of India and NDTV had already began preparing “The Indian Flopper” similar to the “Canadian Caper” documentary, praising the tough efforts of their PM candidate Rahul and how he made a Argo act by saving the damsel in distress. “If this goes well, then no one can prevent Rahul from becoming the PM of India”, boasted a cheerful senior Congress leader.