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Rahul Gandhi bhaiya replaces Mona Lisa in Louvre

22, May 2014 By shubhankar

Bhaiya ji’s post election smile has made all of us busy at Faking News.  Insiders who are close to bhaiya ji tell us that bhayyaa ji had consulted Hasee toh Phaseen and Sub Kuch Khona hai stars to take tips on delivering the perfect smile before the cameras. The same stars -it is alleged , advised him to adopt a clean sweep look for the  media conference which they said would perfectly match the performance of the party. But these are malicious minds at work – whose reports we at Faking News neither subscribe nor deny.

But that is not all. The Curator of Louvre Museum, Paris has called the Editor at Faking News up this morning after  visitors number fell drastically in the Mona Lisa’s gallery. “Since  smile technology has made drastic and  unexpected  improvements in the last few days”, the curator said – “no body wants to see the 500 year old smile any more”. Anyway “There is a doubt as to the real identity of the smiling person itself”– a tourist who decided to call of his trip after seeing Bhaiya ji smile – was heard saying at the De Gaulle airport.

All this while our South Block sources have confirmed that an official request from French embassy is on the way to get a signed copy of the Smiling Bhaiyya photo which will replace the out- smiled Mona Lisa at Louvre. Congress workers have claimed this as a moral victory for all secular forces – who they said should smile together to prevent any communal forces from coming to power.

The mysterious smile.
The mysterious smile.

DiiggVj Singh has promptly issued a statement lauding the smile and went on to demand the French Presidentship for Bhaiyya ji. He also advised that those who think that Bhaiyya ji was smiling at his own fate – should go and smile themselves some where else. Former external affairs minister Sulleyman Cursesid has demanded the resignation of the new government claiming that those who do not smile has no right to govern and has called for a fresh and early election to the Parliament.

But a major diplomatic row erupted when the US government passed an unanimous resolution condemning Bhaiyya ji – because the smile (according to classified CIA reports) matches the smiles which an ex Democrat President used to frequently exchange with his intern.

The US government had therefore also demanded an unconditional apology for copyright violation from the Indian government which Mr DiiggVj and Cursesid have promptly rejected saying, “Bhaiyya ji is neither a Democrat nor does he believe in a Republic and hence can not be held responsible for anything. Anyway he was in charge for only 8 months”. Separately else where, in a veiled attack, the Chinese government has warned India that any smile directed at Tibet will not be taken lightly. “If he indeed wishes to smile again, he can do it in Arunachal.”

Our correspondent at Islamabad reports that the smile has been able to break a longstanding diplomatic road block. Sources in Foreign Office at Islamabad says that Bhaiyya ji smiled in the west direction which must have been definitely aimed at Pakistan. When contacted, external affairs minister Sulleyman Cursesid gave all credit to Bhaiyya G for his sustained  back channel effort to normalize relations with Pakistan. After hearing this three diplomats who were into the back channel thing – committed suicide by jumping from 3rd floor of South Block.

Meanwhile unconfirmed sources tells us that Buffaloes all over India, who were earlier unhappy at having been compared to donkeys (according to Faking News Reports) are complaining now because of the hue and cry raised after  Bhaiyya ji’s smile . “We were smiling all along. You noticed it only now”- said an aged member who did not wish to be named.