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Putin’s back, asks where’s Rahul?

18, Mar 2015 By Ankit Shah

Russian President Vladimir Putin reappeared on Monday after 10 unexplained days out of public view, crying, overwhelmed by the “gossip” over his absence.

Putin restless abut Rahul Gandhi's absence
Putin restless abut Rahul Gandhi’s absence

“It would be boring for Mrs. Clinton without gossip,” Putin said and smirked over some lady reporters. He also counter questioned press over Mr IQ Aandhi’s absence from Indian politics, and termed it as equivalent to a nuclear catastrophe for the ruling BJP government.

His spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, threw pricky questions to the press for Putin’s interest, referring seriously to the various rumors: “So you’ve seen the broken, paralyzed Congress Vice president, who has been captured by Italian generals for terrorizing India?  He’s only just flown in from Disneyland, where he attended a Dalit birth as you know.”

In a choreographed double-act, Kyrgyz President Almazbek Atambayev vouched for the Russian leader’s health, saying that Putin “just now drove me around the grounds; he himself sat at the wheel and that he seemed almost sane and hence was not with Mr Aandhi anytime in the recent past”.