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Puff up cigarettes to weigh up butts

09, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Every piece of trash is valuable. This has been accentuated time and again. If one throws away a small piece of refuse just because of its trifling nature, that trivial thing becomes significant for some purpose. This is evident from Australian researchers who have demonstrated that asphalt mixed with the cigarette butts can handle the heavy rush of traffic and also help in reducing thermal conductivity.

The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology research team has recently summarized that the cigarette’s left over butts with bitumen and paraffin wax can strongly fix the chemicals and effectively restrict any damaging leakage from the asphalt concrete. The butts afterwards assorted with asphalt mix for making the required samples.

The time is not very far when there will be put a separate bin for the cigarette butts on the roadside corner. Along with this, the rag pickers struggle hard to pick up the entirely discarded cigarette butts from the dirtier spots covered with these kinds of the litters. The big hotels, the finer restaurants and the wide open parks will then be rummaged through for the remaining cigarette butts. The rag-pickers will be seen standing close to the person smoking a cigarette for collecting the unused cigarette butt residual. As was seen in the past days when the horsemen moved on the roads the cleaner also used to run behind for quick removal of its discharge.

The novel use of cigarette butt could reduce increasing heat in the expanding urban area as well as deal with the constant problem of waste accrual in the cities. Trillions of cigarette butts are by and large created worldwide each year. The drawback is that it is discarded into the environment which takes several years to split. Nonetheless, its noxious toxic stack is directly released into the rivers and the ocean.