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Protests in China’s schools over lack of insects in their mid-day meals

24, Jul 2013 By sapnanair

Massive protests have broken out in parts of China, where free meals are served to children in schools, similar to the mid-day meals scheme in India. After hearing of insects being found by Indian kids in their meals, children in schools from Wang Wang district have been upset and morose. The teachers too were agitated at the lack of insects in the food served, which has been affecting their appetite and health in a big way.

Says Mi Xa Chan, the dejected principal of a school in the Wang Wang district, “Children are sad that they not get insects to eat anymore since government cut budget and also introduced pest control in schools. It’s very difficult to make tasty food without the creepy crawlies, you know.”

Several attempts have been made by the teachers at trying to make food appetizing for these Chinese children, such as introducing them to world cuisine – meat pizzas, chicken wings, nachos etc, but all of them have been unyielding.

Zhang Wei, a class V student of a school, still reminisces the ‘fried roaches with tom yum soup’ he got to eat, before the pest control happened. He also thinks that his friends back in India are really fortunate. “I saw on TV that they are getting to eat Lizards and tasty bugs too. I feel happy for them,” he said with a sad face, completely oblivious to how disgusting they actually are for them. When he grows up, he wants to visit India.

Meanwhile, teachers and parents of the kids in the Wang Wang district are busy ensuring that pest control stops with immediate effect, so the kids’ appetites can be restored and the insects don’t die a wasted death.