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Prince Charles accepts Romanian throne, tired of waiting for the British one

08, Jun 2015 By brendan9

London, UK. In a shocking news conference telecast worldwide, Prince Charles, the heir apparent to the throne of the United Kingdom and the longest waiting claimant to the throne, announced his decision to accept the offer of succeeding the deposed King Michael of Romania to the throne.

Last week, in a public referendum, the people of Romania showed overwhelming support to the restoration of the monarchy in the Carpathian nation after enduring several decades of communism under Nicolae Ceausescu who was executed in 1989. Although King Michael, the rightful ruler of the country is still alive, he is above 90 years of age and has publicly supported Prince Charles to be his successor.

Prince Charles and Dracula
You can almost see the resemblance and… umm… fangs?

Prince Charles’ claim to the Romanian throne comes from his ancestral link to Vlad the Impaler, more famously known in common folklore as the Dracula. The fact about whether he too is a vampire has not been confirmed. Although his mother, Queen Elizabeth II is also a claimant to the crown through her ancestor Queen Victoria, she has dejectedly accepted the aging monarch’s decision to install her son on the throne.

There is however, another reason the future ruler of the United Kingdom has accepted the Romanian scepter. Anonymous sources inside Buckingham Palace reveal that relation between the Queen and the Prince has soured due to the stubborn determination the monarch to hold on to the throne of the Commonwealth Nations even after becoming the ruler to hold power for the longest period in British history.

Prince Charles is apparently tired of waiting for the Queen to retire and is believed to comment, “By the time the woman dies on the golden chair, my skeleton will have rotted and it would be my grandson’s turn to ascend the throne.”

The Bishop of Canterbury believes that it is the prayer of the people that has helped the Queen into a long life. In a controversial statement condemned by many Church of England leaders, he said, “The people sing ‘Long live the Queen’ and that is why our benevolent leader won’t just drop down and die.”

Crown sources that after this sudden breach of trust, the British Crown will directly pass to the Queen’s grandson, Prince William, which seems unlikely since the monarch doesn’t seem to be in the mood to die any time soon. Speculation abounds that she is more of a vampire than Prince Charles.