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Prime Minister Modi's drumming gig all set to boost ties with Russia

03, Sep 2014 By kaikulogist

Putin Pianing away
Putin Pianing away

Modi's Beats
Modi’s Beats

The repercussions of Prime Minister Modi’s percussions are nothing less than a pleasant surprise as it has got Russia upbeat.

Russian president Vladimir Putin, himself a well known music aficionado and highly regarded pianist on the overseas visits circuit, was highly impressed by the Indian Prime Minister’s impromptu jam session on the traditional taiko drums .

Putin enthused, “I was very much surprised and elated that such a wonderful musical talent in world politics was just a missile’s throw away from Kremlin. I and my personal choir (the cabinet) were on our feet and screaming for an encore when we first watched the electric performance live via our secret cameras. All of us look forward to Mr.Modi’s visit to Russia especially the private late night sessions at my dacha with the entire Moscow orchestra .”

This raised many eyebrows and chopsticks in China with the Chinese President Xi Jinping releasing a cautionary statement against “Foreign policy on the basis of shared amateur artistic aspirations. “

President Putin was quick to counter these apprehensions at a press meeting saying- “Xi Jinping is just jealous and unable to come to terms with the current developments, I am sure that not only will we deepen our ties with India on all relevant categories but send out a clear message that it is not always a bad thing for a politician to be blowing his own trumpet.”