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Pranab Mukherji has been called to negotiate Iran US nuclear deal

04, Apr 2015 By shridhar

In a desperate move to salvage the ongoing Iran US nuclear deal negotiations, Obama has requested Pranab Mukherji to mediate with Israel and Iran.

“I have seen some awesome pictures of Indian President taken in Rashtrapati Bhavan gardens. Pranabda is cooler than SnoopDog, 50 Cent and Eminem combined. He single handedly took care of all the mess that UPA created in 10 years. He even negotiated Indo US nuclear deal, when India’s opposition parties almost messed it up. So, there is no one better than Pranabda for this job,” Obama said.

Pranab Mukherjee
The Negotiator

When asked why is he in need of Pranab Mukherji’s services, he replied, “That guy Bibi (alias Benjamen Netanyahu) has been acting weird after winning elections in Israel. He is not agreeing to any of my terms. He even tried to emotionally blackmail me by giving a speech in US congress. Pranabda handles emotional blackmail pretty well. Remember Annaji’s anshan? Man! He handled that well.”

He was also asked if there was any other reason for this move, to that he said, “India bought oil from Iran even when the whole world had imposed sanctions on them. In return Iran took rupee, even when rupee was at its lowest. (With a smile on his face) Dude! Which other country takes rupee in exchange for oil. India and Iran have serious soft corner for each other  and that helps our cause.”

Taking note of these new developments IIN has introduced a new course “Negotiations-101” in its curriculum. Already 2050 students have applied for it. One of the students Bhola Padaku said, “IIN is better than IIT’s  any day and also getting admission in IIN is easier. I have already completed the course “How to become a President” and this new course will help me in my job search.”