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Pope resignation mystery revealed

13, Feb 2013 By vedarun

The recent resignation of the Pope Benedict XV1 might have come as a ‘bolt out of the blue’ for millions of followers. However our investigations are revealing shocking reasons for the resignation of the pope.

Some secret sources in the Vatican say the pope went into a sudden state of depression after watching the trailer of the recently released ‘Anybody can dance’ movie. ‘He was too old and felt not everyone could dance’ said Pimonetta Siersanti, a nun who wished to remain anunymous. ‘He tried a few steps once or twice before going to the meeting where he actually made the announcement’ she added.

However the most important and most surprising reason that is being stated for the resignation is Gautham Gambhir’s axing from the upcoming Australian tour. Pope Benedict’s 89-year-old brother, the Rev. Georg Ratzinger’ when approached for a comment said ‘ Benedict secretly has from childhood been a die hard fan of Gauti. He in fact has a rubber ball and two blank cheques signed by him. This sudden decision is most certainly in response to the ‘let’s show some steel’ tweet of Gambhir’.

Symbologist Robert Langdon added a new dimension to this story by saying ‘It has been many centuries since a pope resigned. This is the twenty first century and Gautham Gambhir so far has twenty centuries. It is obvious that the pope resigned as an indicator that Gauti will never get to his 21st”.

Cardinal Marc Ouellet mentioned that ‘It may well be because of Gauti. Gambhir has been a terrific ambassador of the church. The lord said share what you get with others and Gambhir gave all the balls that were bowled to him to those poor folks waiting behind the stumps’.

Gautham Gambhir however did not seem perturbed and tweeted ‘Wid or widou pope, let’s show some more steel’. Sehwag on the other hand continuously tweeted ‘ROTFL’ 182 times this morning.