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Pitbull to grow back his hair after nobody compared him with Indian Vin Diesel Yogi Adityanath

02, Apr 2017 By sameer mahawar

Miami. Its been quite a long time since UP Election results are out with BJP’s astonishing win. The announcement of Ajay Singh Bisht, famously known as Yogi Adityanath, as the 21st Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh sparked many debates and discussion from political, religious as well as from entertainment world. Overnightly, Yogiji increased the popularity of his look alike Vin Diesel, but there was another man who was secretly waiting for the same success.

Pitbull, the singer/rapper from Florida, who is as bald as Yogi Adiyanath and Vin Diesel also wished for stardom amongst the Indian masses, but presence of Vin Diesel overshadowed his identity and he couldn’t get what he desired.

The Yogi effect
The Yogi effect

Claiming of having same fate as LK Advani, disappointed Pitbull said, “I remained online for complete 24 hours since the name of UP’s CM was out. People started congratulating Vin Diesel and I was also expecting some Indian Twitter handles to congratulate me as Yogi, Vin and I look almost similar from the aerial view. But none of the troll mentioned my name in his tweet. It was very disappointing for me. May be this is because Deepika wasn’t on my side.”

Pitbull continued, “I uploaded my profile picture after getting my head shaved for five times so that people could easily catch my shining head and compare me with Yogi ji. But everyone was after Vin Diesel and ignored my existence. Now I have decided that I will grow my hair back and have took an appointment from Dr. Batra for the same.”

As per our sources, Pitbull was also comprising the English Version of “Lollipop Laage Lu” to attract youth from UP, but now isn’t working on it anymore because of his low fan base in India.