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Pakistan's mission to the Sun

26, Sep 2014 By venkii76

Islamabad. In a fitting response to India’s successful mission to Mars, Pakistan is sending PappuBhutto to the Sun.

Bilawal Bhutto
Pakistan is doing this to make Bilawal happy.

China is providing technical assistance to the Pakistani scientists, but would not participate in the manufacturing of the equipment as even Pakistan is wary of things ‘Made in China’.

The Pakistani government is understood to have allocated a grand budget of Rupees 10 Million for the mission and Rupees 250 Million for the security cover to prevent the equipment from being stolen by the terrorists.

Not surprisingly, Imran Khan’s supporters are opposing this mission. They want their government to be more ‘inclusive’ and demand that their leader be part of the traveling party too.

This is their third attempt at reaching the sun. The Pakistani scientists analysed their previous failures and had arrived at the following reasons for those debacles..

1. The first mission was launched during summer. The hot sun burnt the rocket

2. The second mission was launched during the night. It lost its way as it couldn’t find the sun.

The Pakistani think tank is ensuring that the current launch would be in winter. Also it would be scheduled to leave early morning so that the destination can be reached before Sunset.

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