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Pakistan’s essay on a cow

20, Aug 2014 By nikcufawsome

Bismi Allah al rahman al Rahim…  (May peace be upon him) I start my essay on a “Cow”.  Pakistan Zindabad.

Although I am used to mounting Mules and Camels, mounting a Cow is much harder so I will write this essay sitting beside the cow.

Cow is an herbivores quadruped and has a bushy tail. Cow gives milk and beef it also has two horns. Cows are sacrificed during Bakra Eid. All cows are females and have 4 long nipples strategically in the southern Waziristan area of a cow’s body. Her Husband Mr. Bull is giving me strange looks as I am trying to physically examine the cow’s lower anatomy.   Qaide Azam Mohammad Ali Jihna (May peace be upon him) loved Paneer made from cow’s milk while Gandhi enjoyed his goats

Cows have been domesticated in Pakistan and neighbouring India. Speaking of India, The best cows in India are found in the state of Kashmir because …… Because, Kashmir has been a part of Pakistan since 1887 as per our history text books. Cows in rest of India are worshiped hence are called “Holy Cows” and Cowfirs (Kafir) by us. Cows that somehow stray into Pakistan from border areas adjoining India are RAW agents and are captured for thorough investigation.  Post an investigation their genitals are mutilated and horns are promptly returned to Indians in the body bags containing other captured Indians suspected of being RAW agents.

Cows in India roam the streets and hence are a menace and should be butchered. The RAW has strategically placed these beasts to hinder the movement of Traffic of scouting undercover Pakistani Jihadis in urban and rural areas of India. The State of Gujarat in India has the largest production of Cows Milk Narendra Modi also hails from Gujarat who sold chai made from the same milk.

These days US of Amreeka is giving Pakistan Jersey cows. My Brother Mohammad who drives a cab in New Jersey hasn’t seen any cows on the street of New Jersey so I suspect that these cows given by the Amreeki are from CIA and Mosad to spy on innocent Pakistani.

The ISI is the sacred cow of Pakistan. We love Pakistan.

Bismi Allah al rahman al Rahim…  (May peace be upon him) I end my essay on a “Cow”.  Pakistan Zindabad.